And a Valentine flash sale, my next book, ch-ch-ch-changes, and and and

December 2022

The New Walden Is Done.Watch now (7 min) | Lovingly printed, bound, boxed – and eagerly anticipating its home on a bookshelf near you.

August 2022

New perk alert! Every book purchased before midnight this Friday (EST) will ship with an archival print of my illustration, “Living.”

July 2022

We Will Not Be Sleeping with the Fishes

June 2022

Why is it that when so many people talk about the future, they’ll say, “Moving forward, we’ll do X?” I’ve always found moving forward an odd term. What…

May 2022

Happy Friday, friends! As I write, The New Walden campaign is 15 for 15: just over 15% funded and 15% into the campaign duration. It’s a good start, but…
At very, very long last
At very, very long last

January 2022

God and death. Beauty and love. Story and design. Wilderness and longing. This is Wonderlust.